Join Jaime and friends and have fun trying out new yoga poses and finding out what they do for you. From Dragonfly to Tree Pose and Bear Walks to Aeroplane Pose!

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  • Happy Baby Pose | Yoga Pose Universe

    Happy Baby Pose is really good for giving a lovely back massage and opening your hips. It's a lovely calming yoga pose!

  • Flying Pose | Yoga Pose Universe

    Flying Pose is brilliant for practising your balance, building strength in your whole body and getting really really focused!
    Also known as Warrior 3 or Virabhadrasana III in adult yoga!

  • Eagle Pose | Yoga Pose Universe

    Eagle Pose is today's posture - called Garudasana in adult yoga. It's brilliant for getting better at balancing and for learning how to concentrate. And you get a healthy boost of oxygen when you release from it!

  • Fish Pose | Yoga Pose Universe

    Fish Pose is great for giving the whole front of our body a really good stretch - and if you're feeling nervous it really helps with that closed chest feeling. Give it a try!

  • Sandwich Pose | Yoga Pose Universe

    Today's pose is Sandwich Pose - or Sandwich Twists as it is sometimes known. A great core exercise and wonderful spinal twist - and a little reminder
    about healthy eating too!
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  • Dolphin Pose | Yoga Pose Universe

    Today's pose is Dolphin Pose. Dolphin Pose is great for strengthening your arms and especially your core. By the way - can you do a Dolphin sound?

  • Mermaid Pose | Yoga Pose Universe

    Another fun kids yoga pose from the amazing Yoga Pose Universe.
    Mermaid Pose is great for twisting your spin and it really helps your insides feel good. And - it means you can practice your French too!

  • Flamingo Pose | Yoga Pose Universe

    This kids yoga pose is great for stretching your quads (the front part of your thigh) and for testing your balance. You can hop up and down if you like!

  • Butterfly Pose | Yoga Pose Universe

    Butterfly Pose is very good for opening out hips and strengthening our inner thighs - also good for jiggling our insides around a little bit which is always a good thing!
    Can you lift up both wings together? See if you can!

  • Dancer Pose | Yoga Pose Universe

    Try Dancer Pose - a special challenge for learning how to balance, this pose is great for opening up the fronts of the chest and strengthening the legs and ankles. Don't worry if you wobble or fall over - it's all part of the fun! Top tip - try to focus your gaze on one point in front of you!

  • 14 Kids Yoga Poses | Yoga Pose Universe (Compilation 1)

    Join Jaime for 14 different yoga poses one after the other. From Aeroplane to Turtle and Door to Lizard. A fun way to learn yoga poses.

  • Hot Air Balloon Pose | Yoga Pose Universe

    Hot Air Balloon pose is brilliant for bringing a little calmness to your day - and it helps clear your mind too!

  • Bicycle Pose | Yoga Pose Universe

    Bicycle pose is great fun - and it strengthens your legs, your core and your sides - known as your Obliques!

  • Hero Pose | Yoga Pose Universe

    Hero Pose is a wonderful strong position. Remember to make sure your toes are pointing back when you do this one!

  • Lion Pose | Yoga Pose Universe

    Lion Pose is brilliant for releasing stress - and helping you feel great!

  • Crab Pose | Yoga Pose Universe

    Crab Pose is great fun - and it really helps you make your core strong. It also helps with the mobility and strength of your wrists and ankles. It's simply a great way to get around - and play football!

  • Turtle Pose | Yoga Pose Universe

    Known as Kurmasana in adult yoga, this is a lovely way to open the hips and relax the mind. Great before bed!

  • Lizard Pose | Yoga Pose Universe

    Lizard Pose loosens the back of the legs and opens the hips! Breathe into it and you can really relax and enjoy the feeling. Remember to do it on both sides! This one's also known as Lizard Pose in adult yoga, or Utthan Pristhasana.
    Yoga Pose Universe is a fun series visiting all the kids yoga p...

  • House Pose | Yoga Pose Universe!

    House Pose is a brilliant way of strengthening the legs and sides and stretching out the spine. Urdhva Hastasana (wide leg variation) in adult yoga.
    Yoga Pose Universe is a fun series visiting all the kids yoga poses.
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  • Giraffe Pose | Yoga Pose Universe

    This is a brilliant way of strengthening the legs and stretching the hamstrings. (Parsvottanasana in adult yoga.)
    Yoga Pose Universe is a fun series visiting all the kids yoga poses.
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  • Door Pose | Yoga Pose Universe

    This pose is Parighasana or Gate Pose in adult yoga.
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  • Deer Pose | Yoga Pose Universe

    Marichyasana variation in adult yoga.
    Part of our Yoga Pose Universe series
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  • Aeroplane Pose | Yoga Pose Universe

    Aeroplane pose (modifed Side Plank or Vasisthasana) is a great pose for strengthening the arms and core - and it's a wonderful way to start the day.

  • Mouse Pose | Yoga Pose Universe

    From Aeroplane Pose to Tree Pose and Bear Walks to Crescent Moon, have fun doing yoga poses with Jaime and finding out their benefits!