Our Series

Our Series

From our Kids Yoga Adventures, to mindfulness Zen Dens and Peace Out meditations, you'll find every single Cosmic Kids series right here.
Each series has an accompanying explainer video, so you can find out what it's all about.

Our Series

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    The heart of Cosmic Kids - story-based movement! Every yoga adventure we've ever made - and every new episode as we make it.

  • Superhero Kids Yoga in Space!

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    Superhero Kids Yoga in Space unpacks the special skills that superheroes have and helps kids learn how to use them in their own lives. Superheroes aren't all about the CRASH BANG KAPOW! There's also lots for kids to learn from them about character, mindfulness and capability. Hulk shows us the im...


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    Our Mindfulness series - for kids aged 5+
    Jaime presents fun conversations to help us understand our feelings and develop positive thinking strategies.

  • Sleep Adventures

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    Join Jaime on adventures to magical lands in sensory and wonderfully slumberful stories. Calming bedtime spoken word adventures which help kids feel safe, calm and connected to their imagination - the perfect prelude to peaceful dreams.

  • Super Yoga! (Hi-Energy Yoga Game)

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    Get the wriggles out and master your yoga moves with these 4-6 minute gamified yoga episodes.
    Perfect for improving recall, balance and burning some energy.

  • Yoga Time! (For little ones)

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    Our yoga series for little ones. With a steadier pace, some gentle singing and simpler stories, this is Cosmic Kids yoga for the toddler in your life!


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    We've joined forces with Papumba, a play-based educational platform for kids aged 2–7 to create this series. In each episode Jaime teams up with animated friends Leo, Emma and David in a different environment, from the jungle to the sea. Together they meet different animals, bringing their charac...

  • Peace Out (Guided Relaxations)

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    Perfect before bed, and simply lovely any time when you're ready to close your eyes, lie still and be taken on a lovely cosy calming adventure. From flying high like a balloon to curling up next to a warm furry cat, Jaime takes you on a journey to calmness. Positive guided relaxation for kids.

  • JAIME'S BRAIN BREAKS (5 minute yoga)

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    Shorter videos full of yoga movement, song and fun - to give brains a break and bodies a wake-up!


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    Get the wriggles out with videos and MP3s of Cosmic Kids music!
    Dance along and practice your yoga moves with catchy tunes!

  • Cosmic Kids Sports

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    In this series we bring the fun of sports and yoga together. Follow along with Jaime to perfect your strength, balance and more with moves that the top athletes do when training for their big games!

  • Yoga Freeze Dance!

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    Short, kids yoga freeze dances!
    Practice your yoga poses and perfect them with our high-energy Freeze Dances!

  • Yoga Pose Universe

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    Master your favourite yoga poses by copying Jaime and following our individual pose demonstration videos!