Extended Play Compilations

Extended Play Compilations

Designed for extended play (30-60 minutes), these videos are compilations of our videos. Including yoga adventures, Zen Dens, Peace Out, Yoga Pose Universe, Music - usually introduced and linked by Jaime.

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Extended Play Compilations
  • Kids Yoga and Mindfulness about CATS! 🐈😺

    This magical mix will have you meeting our favourite acrobatic cat - Parsnip, along with a lioness cub called Lulu and chilling out with a gorgeous relaxation which will have you cosied up by the fire snuggled with the cutest puss ever! 🐈

    0:00 Parsnip the Cat | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure - ...

  • Back to School Yoga for Kids πŸ€“πŸ“šπŸ‘

    Prepare for starting school, going back after holidays and changing grade or year with our confidence boosting compilation of yoga videos! You're going to do great and let's make this year, your best yet! 🀩

    0:00 Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure - We start...

  • Yoga for WILD Kids! πŸ¦πŸ’πŸ‰

    Each video has a 'wild' theme with jungles, lions and even a dragon...a dragon who gets so wild sometimes that she sets everything on fire!

  • 2 Kids Meditations for Better Sleep 😴

    All Peace Out Guided relaxations and meditations have been helping kids (and parents) improve sleep routines and build healthy sleep patterns. Give them a go with your kids and see if they help. 😊 These two are especially good for bedtime!

  • Unicorn and Bunny themed Kids Yoga! πŸ¦„πŸ°πŸ‡πŸŒˆβœ¨

    0:00 Twilight the Unicorn πŸ¦„ of Dreams | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure! We go to a magical wood to meet Twilight as she makes her rounds delivering star-shine to everyone who is getting ready for bed. She teaches us what we need to do to make sure we have good dreams! 🌈

    16:36 Mr Hoppit the Hare...

  • Kids Yoga all about BUGS! πŸœπŸžπŸ•·πŸπŸ›

    We've got ants 🐜, stick bugs, spiders πŸ•·& bees 🐝 all ready to help us enjoy stretching & moving our bodies and looking after our minds as well!

  • Kids Yoga and Mindfulness - all about Fairies, Pixies and Trolls

    Fill up on love, dance, magic and sparkles ✨with this 1 hour long mix of the kids favourites!

  • Pirate themed Kids Yoga!

    0:00 Popcorn and the Pirates | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure - Popcorn is a dolphin who teaches us how to stay calm, keep breathing and think positive, even when we're racing pirates to get to the treasure before they do!

    15:33 Yoga Time! | Pirate Adventure - Kids Yoga and Nursery Rhymes - Eas...

  • Mermaid and Princess Yoga for Kids

    0:00 Frozen | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure! - We enjoy the amazing story of Frozen, experiencing all the twists and turns of being a Princess with a lot of power! β„οΈβš‘οΈ

    30:05 Mimi the Mermaid | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure - Our fabulous mermaid friend Mimi is determined to come to our birthd...

  • Disney Kids Yoga

    0:00 Moana 🌸| A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure - How far will you go as you adventure with one of Disney's most fierce and brave characters ever! #inpsiration

    31:26 Frozen ❄️| A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure - Let it go and let love thaw a frozen heart! #allyouneedislove

    1:01:46 Star Wars ⭐️| A Co...

  • Kids Yoga for Building Confidence!

    0:00 Ruby Broom | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure - A story about a normal young girl who also happens to be a witch! Ruby Broom learns how to accept and celebrate the things that make her different and prove to herself she is all the more brilliant for being herself!

    18:02 Stella the Stick Insec...

  • Children’s yoga based on books - For 3-5 year olds

    0:00 The Very Hungry Caterpillar | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure - We dive into the world of Eric Carle's wonderful storybook - The Very Hungry Caterpillar! πŸ›Perfect for learning about the days of the week πŸ“…, healthy eating πŸ₯—, the cycle of life πŸ¦‹ and counting πŸ”’ - AND full of the physical and emoti...

  • Kids Yoga for Literacy (26 mins)

    In Arnold the Ant we are guided by words beginning with the letter A and in Betsy the Banana, words that begin with B!

    0:00 Betsy the Banana | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure - A short & sweet yoga adventure all about a Banana called Betsy! 🍌She wakes up to find she's been granted 3 wishes by th...

  • Saturday Morning Yoga! | Tallulah the Owlet

    Gather the family, clear some space and let's get this weekend off to a flying start with some magical fun yoga!

    0:00 Tallulah the Owlet | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!
    We meet our fluffy little baby owl πŸ¦‰friend Tallulah! We help her get ready for a big test at Owl School! The Wisdom Test! Th...

  • Saturday Morning Yoga! | Frank the Frog

    Let's get the weekend started with some fun-filled yoga movement and mindfulness! It's Saturday Morning Yoga!

    0:00 Frank the Frog | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure
    We're off to the jungles of Costa Rica to meet our favourite frog 🐸FRANK! 🐸He is hosting a special Olympic Games and we are the gue...

  • Saturday Morning Yoga! | The Wizard of Oz

    Start your day right with the family - join me for a great kids yoga workout and some magic kids meditation time. Perfect for the whole family to do together!

    0:00 The Wizard of Oz | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure
    Somewhere over the rainbow 🌈we follow the yellow brick road! πŸ’› We ward off a scar...

  • Saturday Morning Yoga! | Calypso the Flamingo

    Let's get our yoga and mindfulness on and enjoy this compilation of the most fun stories, yoga poses, dance and kids meditation.

    0:00 Calypso the Flamingo | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure
    Let's go to Belize and find our very best flamingo friend, Calypso! 🌺She is planning a party for her 8th bi...

  • Saturday Morning Yoga | The Very Hungry Caterpillar

    Follow along to get a great workout and a calming meditation to make yourself feel amazing.

    0:00 The Very Hungry Caterpillar | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure
    We dive into the world of Eric Carle's wonderful storybook - The Very Hungry Caterpillar! πŸ›Perfect for learning about the days of the we...

  • Saturday Morning Yoga! | Peter Cottontail and the Tickley Monkeys

    0:00 Peter Cottontail | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure
    An Easter Bunny 🐰themed yoga adventure to bring the spring into our hearts!🌷🐣Peter Cottontail takes us on an Easter egg hunt, but we discover that the naughty Tickley Monkeys have taken all the eggs!πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’Oh no! They clearly don't understand wha...

  • Yoga for Kids | Crocodiles, Dinosaurs and Dodos πŸŠπŸ¦–πŸ₯(60mins)

    A fun mix of kids yoga adventures all themed around crocodiles, dinosaurs and dodos! We travel to swamps, jungles and volcanos meeting some amazing creatures along the way.

    We learn how to look after our teeth, be thoughtful and kind to our elders and to celebrate our differences. πŸŽ‰

  • Saturday Morning Yoga! | Betsy the Banana

    Join me for a variety of fun yoga and mindfulness videos to help your kids and the whole family get fit and stay fit - both physically and mentally.

    0:00 Betsy the Banana | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure
    A short & sweet yoga adventure all about a Banana called Betsy! 🍌She wakes up to find she's...

  • Kids Yoga For Gamers! πŸ‘Ύ(49 mins)

    Improve your mental clarity, co-ordination and posture, immersed in the worlds of Minecraft, PokΓ©mon and our very own - Super Yoga!

    0:00 Minecraft! | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure - Join me in Minecraft and let's use yoga to survive our first 24 hours!

    20:08 Super Yoga! | Ocean Party - A 5 ...

  • Toys, Trucks and Robot Yoga for Kids! πŸ€–(52 mins)

    We learn to work as a team to listen to our bodies and to learn how to identify materials made from metal! Plus we enjoy a relaxing guided meditation to finish.

    0:00 Diggory the Dumptruck | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure - We join the toys including our very favourite Diggory the Dumptruck in an...

  • Power Yoga for Kids! πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š Volume 2! (15 mins)

    In this 15 minute long selection of yoga videos we focus on core strength as well as some high energy game play in Super Yoga plus a spin in the Yoga Disco! πŸ’ƒπŸ»

    0:00 Washing Machine Song | Cosmic Kids Yoga Disco - We spin, tumble dry and salsa through this epic track - designed specially to ge...