Sleep Well

Sleep Well

6 Seasons

Some of our most calming bedtime content for kids including guided relaxations, yoga and mindfulness.
Find your perfect bedtime routine right here.

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Sleep Well
  • Kids Yoga For Bedtime - YOGA CLUB!

    Episode 1

    Included in this week's Sleep Easy episode you'll find:

    πŸ’€ A Yoga Adventure with Tommy the bedtime turtle that's all about enjoying the bedtime routine and sleeping well
    πŸ’€ A 3-minute Brain Break that helps us make space in our minds
    πŸ’€ A lesson in Whale Pose
    πŸ’€ A 10-minute guided relaxation wher...

  • Kids Yoga to help FEAR OF THE DARK! πŸ‘€πŸ¦‡πŸ–€

    Episode 2

    Being afraid of the dark is completely normal. But it can become disruptive to sleep and cause unnecessary anxiety. In this compilation of 3 kids yoga adventures, we tackle fear of the dark specifically in the yoga adventure Fernando the Silver Fox and then with a further two adventures where we ...

  • Woodland Magic - YOGA CLUB!

    Episode 3

    If we go down to the woods today we’re in for a big surprise! We’ll be hooting and hopping through the trees meeting up with all our favourite woodland creatures - owls, foxes, rabbits, deer and little cheeky mice!

    Included in this week's episode, you'll find:

    🦊 A Yoga Adventure with Fernando...

  • Yoga To Help Kids Sleep! - YOGA CLUB!

    Episode 4

    This week’s Yoga Club will settle little ones after a busy day and help their minds unwind, ready for a calm evening.

    Included in this week’s Yoga Club, you’ll find:

    😴 A lesson in Crescent Moon pose!
    😴 A lesson in Mouse Pose!
    😴 A fun, rhyming story about Betsy the Banana. Betsy gets three wi...

  • Kids Yoga at Bedtime (43 minutes)

    Episode 5

    Two yoga adventures designed to soothe and help kids wind down, followed by a very relaxing guided meditation, perfect to help kids aged 4+ to sleep well.

    0:00 Tommy the Bedtime Turtle | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure - We meet Tommy the Bedtime Turtle in Hawaii where he shows us all the tricks ...

  • Pyjama Party! - YOGA CLUB!

    Episode 6

    Pop on your pyjamas and get ready for some fun before bed as we host a slumber party themed Yoga Club!

    Included in this week’s pyjama party episode you’ll find:

    🧸 A dance about in one of our favourite songs - Hi My Name's Joe!
    🧸 A lesson in Star Pos!
    🧸 A high-energy underwater themed Super Yo...