Sleep Well

Sleep Well

6 Seasons

Some of our most calming bedtime content for kids including guided relaxations, yoga and mindfulness.
Find your perfect bedtime routine right here.

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Sleep Well
  • The Body Scan Meditation | Zen Den

    Episode 1

    A weekly 15-minute meditation which works for both kids and grown-ups! Benefits: improved self awareness, deep relaxation and better focus.

    One of the foundations of mental health is awareness. That’s why the body scan exercise is such a powerful tool. As far as ‘meditation’ practices go, this o...

  • How to deal with nightmares | Zen Den

    Episode 2

    Jaime talks about how nightmares aren't real - and there are things we can do to help ourselves when we have a nightmare.

  • Finding Your Happy Place | Zen Den

    Episode 3

    Anchoring means thinking of something that makes us feel happy - like hugging a dog! In this Zen Den app exclusive, Jaime teaches us how to find our own anchor or 'happy place' and when to use it!

  • Movies in my Mind | Zen Den

    Episode 4

    Cosmic Kids Zen Den is a series to help kids with mindfulness - from the people behind Cosmic Kids Yoga.
    In this episode, Jaime explains how we can create positive movies in our mind.