YOGA CLUB! (Join Jaime every week!)

YOGA CLUB! (Join Jaime every week!)

Every week everyone is invited to a new collection of yoga & mindfulness videos introduced by Jaime! Including yoga adventures, Yoga Time, Super Yoga, Zen Den, Yoga Pose Universe and Peace Out, this is extended Cosmic Kids fun with a special interactive introduction from Jaime. Kids can get in touch and let Jaime know what they're enjoying and learning on our special email - [email protected].

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YOGA CLUB! (Join Jaime every week!)
  • YOGA CLUB! (Week 60) 😴 Yoga To Help Kids Sleep!

    This week’s Yoga Club will settle little ones after a busy day and help their minds unwind, ready for a calm evening.

    Included in this week’s Yoga Club, you’ll find:

    😴 A lesson in Crescent Moon pose!
    😴 A lesson in Mouse Pose!
    😴 A fun, rhyming story about Betsy the Banana. Betsy gets three wi...

  • YOGA CLUB! (Week 59) Enchanted Garden! πŸ¦‹

    Get ready to flutter your wings like a friendly insect with our enchanted Yoga Club!

    Included in this week’s Yoga Club, you’ll find:

    πŸ¦‹ A lesson in Butterfly Pose!
    πŸ¦‹ A lesson in Dragonfly Pose!
    πŸ¦‹ A Yoga Adventure with Stella the Stick Insect that teaches us all about being completely ourselv...

  • YOGA CLUB! (Week 58) Pyjama Party! 🧸

    Pop on your pyjamas and get ready for some fun before bed as we host a slumber party themed Yoga Club!

    Included in this week’s pyjama party episode you’ll find:

    🧸 A dance about in one of our favourite songs - Hi My Name's Joe!
    🧸 A lesson in Star Pos!
    🧸 A high-energy underwater themed Super Yo...

  • YOGA CLUB! (Week 57) Back To School Kids Yoga! πŸ“š

    Get ready for the new school year with a Yoga Club filled with confidence boosting tips, stretches and stories!

    Included in this week’s back to school special, you’ll find:

    πŸ“š A lesson in Chair Pose!
    πŸ“š A lesson in Sandwich Pose!
    πŸ“š A 6-minute Brain Break to boost our confidence!
    πŸ“š A Yoga Adven...

  • YOGA CLUB! (Week 56) Sports Day Kids Yoga! 🎾

    The whole family will be on their feet with our wonderful Sports Day Yoga Club!

    Included in this week's spectacular sports episode, you'll find:

    🎾 A chair-based yoga and breathing sequence to get everyone warmed up!
    🎾 A lesson in Bicycle Pose!
    🎾 A high-energy shake about in our safari themed ...

  • YOGA CLUB! (Week 55) Cowboy and Cowgirl Yoga! 🐎

    Yeehaw cowboys and cowgirls! It’s time to head to the Wild West and have some fun with a high-energy Yoga Club!

    Included in this week’s episode, you’ll find:

    🐎 A 5-minute Wild West themed Super Yoga to burn off some energy
    🐎 A lesson in Snake Pose
    🐎 A lesson in Horse Pose
    🐎 A Yoga Adventure ...

  • YOGA CLUB! (Week 54) Funfair Kids Yoga! πŸŽͺ

    No tickets necessary for our funfair special! Roll up and get ready for some sky-high fun with Cosmic Kids!

    Included in this week’s fabulous funfair Yoga Club you’ll find:

    πŸŽͺ A lesson in Flying Pose!
    πŸŽͺ A 4-minute Brain Break where we launch into space like a rocket!
    πŸŽͺ A Yoga Adventure with Ped...

  • YOGA CLUB! (Week 53) Beach Yoga! πŸ–

    Bring the beach to your house or garden with our sunny, sandy and super Yoga Club!

    Included in this week’s beautiful beach themed episode, you’ll find:

    πŸ– A lesson in Shark Pose
    πŸ– A lesson in Whale Pose
    πŸ– A Yoga Adventure inspired by Disney's Moana!
    πŸ– A trailer for one of our app exclusive Zen ...

  • YOGA CLUB! (Week 52) Treasure Hunt Yoga πŸ—Ί

    In this week's Yoga Club, we’ll travel far and wide, hunting down precious treasure wherever we can...being brave, kind and smart as we go!

    Included in this week’s Treasure Hunt episode, you’ll find:

    πŸ—Ί A Yoga Adventure with Popcorn the dolphin where we follow a story all about staying calm and...

  • YOGA CLUB! (Week 51) Tokyo 2020 Olympics! πŸ₯‡

    Let the Games begin as we celebrate human endeavour, strength and determination with the start of the Tokyo Olympics!

    Included in this week’s Olympics special, you’ll find:

    πŸ₯‡ A Yoga Adventure with Frank the frog that's all about supporting your friends!
    πŸ₯‡A Zen Den that teaches us what nerves...

  • YOGA CLUB! Party Time! 50th Episode Special 🎈

    Thank you guys so much for joining us on the Yoga Club journey! How amazing that we're on our 50th episode!

    Get ready to dance, laugh, sing and maybe even wear some fun costumes! Let’s find any reason to celebrate and have a party! Included in this week's party special, you'll find:

    🎈 A yoga ...

  • YOGA CLUB! Week 49 - Superhero Kids Yoga πŸ’₯

    We're all heroes in this week's inspiring and uplifting Yoga Club! We use our epic yoga and mindfulness powers to become our best selves!

    Included in this week’s superhero special, you’ll find:

    πŸ’₯ A Yoga Adventure where Safeguard the Soap helps us all become Soaperheroes by teaching us how to w...

  • YOGA CLUB! Week 48 - Kids Yoga For Independence Day πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

    Let’s discover what being independent means and how we can exercise our skills to make ours and our grown-ups' lives easier!

    Included in this week’s 4th of July episode you’ll find:

    πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ A Yoga Adventure with Nelson the Pigeon where we follow him on his journey as he goes to London!
    πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ A lovely ...

  • YOGA CLUB! Week 47 - Kids Yoga For Confidence ✨

    Yoga is wonderful for both our bodies and our minds, and we bet you’ll feel ready to take on the world after this week’s episode! Coming up you’ll find:

    ✨ A Yoga Adventure with Stella the stick insect that's all about being completely YOU!
    ✨ A Brain Break where we channel our inner Jedi and use...

  • YOGA CLUB! Week 46 - International Yoga Day 🌈

    Our yoga lifts us, inspires us and makes us ever stronger, so we unite this International Yoga Day with some of our favourites!

    Included in this week's episode you'll find:

    00:00 - A message replying to your wonderful emails!
    05:47 - A Yoga Adventure with Moana!
    36:40 - A Zen Den where we lea...

  • YOGA CLUB! Week 45 - Father’s Day ⭐

    For all the Dads out there, we honour you with a yoga club you can enjoy too - especially on 20th June!

  • YOGA CLUB! Week 44 - World Oceans Day 🌊

    Our oceans are such a magical place and we can't wait for you to dive straight into this sea-filled Yoga Club! Included in this week's episode, you'll find:

    🌊 A Yoga Adventure with Norris the baby seahorse that teaches us how to deal with bullies!
    🌊 A 7-minute Brain Break where we active our co...

  • YOGA CLUB! Week 43 - Extraordinary Thinkers ⭐

    It’s great to be inspired by others so in this week’s yoga club we’re celebrating creativity, encouraging that entrepreneurial spirit, and putting our forward-thinking hats on!

    Included in this week's episode, you'll find:

    ⭐ A Yoga Adventure with Pedro the penguin where we learn about notici...

  • YOGA CLUB! Week 42 - Woodland Magic 🦊

    If we go down to the woods today we’re in for a big surprise! We’ll be hooting and hopping through the trees meeting up with all our favourite woodland creatures - owls, foxes, rabbits, deer and little cheeky mice!

    Included in this week's episode, you'll find:

    🦊 A Yoga Adventure with Fernando...

  • YOGA CLUB! Week 41 - Kids Yoga For Gratitude ✨

    This week's Yoga Club is all about appreciating what we have and being grateful for everything that life has to offer! Included in the episode, you'll find:

    ✨ A Yoga Adventure with Dodgson the dodo that's all about loving ourselves the way we are
    ✨ A Zen Den that teaches us why we get that feel...

  • YOGA CLUB! Week 40 - Kids Yoga For Mental Health 🌈

    It’s been a challenging year, so it’s more important than ever to take care of yourself - mentally and physically. Included in our mental health episode for Mental Health Awareness Month you'll find:

    🌈A Yoga Adventure with Lulu the lion cub where we learn how to deal with frustration and explo...

  • YOGA CLUB! Week 39 - Kids Yoga About Fairies ✨

    We use some magic sparkle in this week’s Yoga Club to transport ourselves to a land of fairies!

    Featured in our fairy episode you'll find:

    ✨A Yoga Adventure with Fairy Floss where we floss, dance and stretch!
    ✨ A Zen Den where we play a listening game, seeing if we can identify sounds that Ja...

  • YOGA CLUB! Week 38 - Kids Yoga For Bedtime πŸ’€

    Included in this week's Sleep Easy episode you'll find:

    πŸ’€ A Yoga Adventure with Tommy the bedtime turtle that's all about enjoying the bedtime routine and sleeping well
    πŸ’€ A 3-minute Brain Break that helps us make space in our minds
    πŸ’€ A lesson in Whale Pose
    πŸ’€ A 10-minute guided relaxation wher...

  • YOGA CLUB! Week 37 - Yoga For Earth Day 2021 🌎

    Celebrate our wonderful world right now and on Earth Day (Thursday 22nd April 2021) with our special Yoga Club!

    Included in this week's Earth episode you'll find:

    🌎 A welcome message from Jaime replying to your amazing emails!
    🌎 Our app exclusive Yoga Adventures with Rocky The Rabbit - a love...