Yoga Club! - Season 1

Yoga Club! - Season 1

12 Seasons

Want to make yoga a habit? Then why join in our Yoga Club! Each episode runs weekly with many episodes themed around seasonal events. Find your starting point and join the fun!

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Yoga Club! - Season 1
  • Mermaid & Pirate Kids Yoga - YOGA CLUB!

    Episode 1

    YOGA CLUB is our new interactive kids yoga series! Every week, everyone is welcome! In our first yoga club we are diving deep into the ocean to play pirates and make magic with mermaids. Along the way we’ll be building our courage and looking at how we can best deal with the emotion of fear. Let ...

  • Bears and Beavers - YOGA CLUB!

    Episode 2

    YOGA CLUB is our weekly kids yoga club meeting. Everyone is welcome - every week! This week we are being bold and brave as we go looking for bears! We climb a mountain to meet a fabulous beaver and practice our poses in the Yoga Pose Universe. We finish by testing ourselves out with the flop-o-me...

  • Funny Monkey Kids Yoga! - YOGA CLUB!

    Episode 3

    Monkeys are cheeky! They laugh, have fun together and swing through trees, making heroic leaps all the time! We tap into that joyous monkey heart and sense of play that lives in all of us in this week's yoga club.

  • Bees and Bugs Kids Yoga! - YOGA CLUB!

    Episode 4

    YOGA CLUB is our weekly kids yoga club meeting. Everyone is welcome - every week! Today we're buzzing as a few bees and bugs give us some awesome yoga moves to enjoy!
    From practicing the amazing dragonfly pose to enjoying a calming Peace Out with a butterfly, these little creatures will inspire ...

  • Mystery and Detective Kids Yoga! - YOGA CLUB!

    Episode 5

    Welcome back to Yoga Club! It's week five of our wonderful club and today we're solving clues and discovering hidden treasure as we head to a mysterious temple in Egypt with our friend - Alan the Camel!

    After meeting Alan we'll stretch out with deer and camel pose, and then settle on our mats w...