Peace Out (Guided Relaxations)

Peace Out (Guided Relaxations)

Perfect before bed, and simply lovely any time when you're ready to close your eyes, lie still and be taken on a lovely cosy calming adventure. From flying high like a balloon to curling up next to a warm furry cat, Jaime takes you on a journey to calmness. Positive guided relaxation for kids.

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Peace Out (Guided Relaxations)
  • Time Out | Peace Out

    In this guided relaxation, we learn a special way of taking time out for ourselves, so that we can feel calmer and happier whenever we need to.

  • Balloon | Peace Out

    In this Cosmic Kids guided relaxation, we find a balloon and it carries us to our favourite place, a place where we feel strong and happy.

    Peace Out is a series of guided relaxations for kids aged 5+