Earth Day 🌎

Earth Day 🌎

In our Earth Day playlist, we can use Cosmic Kids Yoga to help kids learn about the different types of animal we have on Earth. This includes mammals, reptiles, birds, amphibians, invertebrates and fish.

There's loads of ways to enjoy this playlist, but we recommend downloading our FREE Earth Day Yoga Quest PDF here to make the most of it:

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Earth Day 🌎
  • Spot the Spider | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure

    This yoga adventure originated from a collaborative Instagram Live story building workshop with Cosmic Kids fans. Together with Jaime and Martin, kids and parents from around the world brainstormed the characters, names, issues and solutions to come up with this one of a kind, brilliant original ...

  • Arnold the Ant | Yoga Adventure!

    Join Jaime on a kids yoga adventure - about having big dreams. Arnold is an ant who lives in an apple. He has a dream to go to space - but how could something amazing like that happen to him?

  • black-and-white-earth-day-quest.pdf

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    A black and white version of our Earth Day Yoga Quest PDF!