If you love dinosaurs, then get ready to embark on a yoga adventure of a lifetime! Try our Jurassic Park inspired Yoga Adventure, practice dinosaur pose, or try a yoga compilation featuring dinosaurs!

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  • New! Magic Museum | Yoga Adventure

    Inspired by the magical adventures of “Night at the Museum,” join Jaime as we explore the enchanting Magic Museum! Watch exhibits spring to life through playful yoga poses and thrilling escapades. Perfect for kids and families, this adventure brings a touch of magic and movement to your day.

  • Dinosaur Park | Yoga Adventure!

    We go on an amazing adventure to meet some Dinosaurs in a prehistoric park! On our exciting journey we observe these beautiful creatures in their habitat and learn how important it is to treat animals with respect, stay calm around them and look after our environment!

  • Dinosaur Disco | Super Yoga

    A 5 minute fast-paced yoga-based workout for kids. Get the wiggles out and build your knowledge of all the kids yoga poses - for home, the classroom and parties!
    * A fun challenge for memory, coordination and information processing.*

  • Tiny the T-Rex | Yoga Adventure!

    A kids yoga adventure about Tiny, a young T-Rex, who learns about looking after his teeth!

    - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    About Yoga Quest:

    In this exciting yoga journey, Jaime guides young yogis through 20 of her favourite yoga adventures, across 5 different lands. You'll even be able to print out...

  • Dinosaur Pose | Yoga Pose Universe!

    Dinosaur Pose is good for releasing the lower back, and for helping us get better coordinated - and it's BALANCE challenge too! Keep an eye out for those clompy dinosaurs though! Have fun!

  • Yoga with Dinosaurs! - Saturday Morning Yoga

    Kids Yoga with Dinosaurs! We time travel to prehistoric times for a yoga adventure, and meet a T-Rex who is learning about looking after his teeth! Then it’s into MORE dinosaur fun and games with a dinosaur disco fun, some fresh yoga poses and a Peace Out guided relaxation to finish!
    Have fun eve...

  • Dinosaurs and Dragons! - YOGA CLUB!

    Hello and welcome back to Yoga Club! This week I’m taking us back in time with an epic dinosaur and dragon episode!

    First we’ll meet Tiny the T-Rex - a young dinosaur who learns all about looking after his teeth, and then after lots more awesome stretching, we’ll calm our minds with the help of...

  • Dinosaurs, Monsters and Aliens - YOGA CLUB!

    Included in this week’s episode we…

    🦖⁠ Meet Biggles The Friendly Monster and learn all about kindness and respecting differences!
    🦖 ⁠Enjoy a 10-minute yoga adventure with Bop the Alien
    🦖 ⁠Expend some energy in our Super Yoga Dino Disco
    🦖 ⁠Meet Tiny the T-Rex and learn about brushing our teeth