Yoga In Space Project

Yoga In Space Project

Jaime and ESA (European Space Agency) have been working together to equip a real astronaut, Samantha, with a yoga plan to do while she is in Space. How would it work doing the yoga in microgravity? Would it help Samantha? A wonderful opportunity to find out more about space and yoga.

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Yoga In Space Project
  • Jaime Tries Yoga in Zero Gravity

    The latest stage in our brilliant partnership with the European Space Agency. Jaime attempts yoga in Zero-G aboard a flight out of Bordeaux France. Having made a yoga plan for Samantha Cristoforetti which she used in Space, it was now Jaime's turn to see what it feels like to do yoga in weightles...

  • The Cosmic Kids Astronaut Yoga Plan.pdf

    3.37 MB

    To accompany our Yoga In Space videos we’ve created a free downloadable PDF of the Astronaut Yoga Plan for use in schools and at home as the kids follow Samantha’s incredible journey! This free PDF contains the full yoga plan - pose by pose as well as loads of fun space facts and classroom activi...

  • Astronaut does Cosmic Kids Yoga IN SPACE!

    Jaime does yoga on Earth with ESA astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti in Space on the ISS! See what happens when Samantha does yoga in micro-gravity. Thank you to the European Space Agency for helping make this happen.

  • Yoga in Space 1- Making an Astronaut Yoga Plan πŸ§‘β€πŸš€ Cosmic Kids Special Project

    Jaime has been contacted by a real life astronaut with the European Space Agency! Samantha Cristoforetti is going to space soon and wants to do yoga while she is there. Can we help? Jaime creates a special yoga plan for her that SHE IS GOING TO DO IN SPACE! Do the yoga with Jaime - and stand by t...

  • Yoga in Space 2 - Visiting the Astronaut Centre πŸ›°οΈ Cosmic Kids Special Project

    An exciting tour around the European Astronaut Centre. Jaime meets some of the amazing people that help astronaut Samantha get ready to go to space. They help us find Samantha who is going to space soon and wants to do yoga while she is there. Jaime does yoga with Samantha inside the Columbus Mod...

  • Jaime tries running in space πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ I Cosmic Kids Special Project

    πŸš€ You can download our FREE astronaut yoga plan (with classroom activities) here: