Sleep Well

Sleep Well

6 Seasons

Some of our most calming bedtime content for kids including guided relaxations, yoga and mindfulness.
Find your perfect bedtime routine right here.

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Sleep Well
  • Kevin the Koala Can't Sleep | Yoga Adventure!

    Episode 1

    Kevin is on a mission to find the place where he can sleep the best sleep! With the moon and stars guiding him, he fortunately meets Captain Dream Bunny who takes Kevin to his hometown of Nod. Could this be the place Kevin is looking for? Get the kids feeling dreamy and peaceful, ready for a wond...

  • Bop The Alien | Yoga Adventure!

    Episode 2

    Bop the Alien has 10-minutes until bed! Plenty of time for one final space mission! This 10-minute yoga adventure is perfect for kids before bed - teaching them how long 10-minutes is and how to wind down for a good night’s sleep.

  • Tommy the Bedtime Turtle | Yoga Adventure!

    Episode 3

    A kids yoga adventure all about enjoying the bedtime routine and sleeping well!

  • Twilight the Unicorn of Dreams | Yoga Adventure!

    Episode 4

    A kids yoga story all about sleeping well and having lovely dreams.

  • Fernando the Silver Fox | Yoga Adventure!

    Episode 5

    A yoga adventure all about learning to love the dark. Another bedtime adventure.