YOGA CLUB! (Join Jaime every week!)

YOGA CLUB! (Join Jaime every week!)

Every week everyone is invited to a new collection of yoga & mindfulness videos introduced by Jaime! Including yoga adventures, Yoga Time, Super Yoga, Zen Den, Yoga Pose Universe and Peace Out, this is extended Cosmic Kids fun with a special interactive introduction from Jaime. Kids can get in touch and let Jaime know what they're enjoying and learning on our special email - [email protected].

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YOGA CLUB! (Join Jaime every week!)
  • YOGA CLUB! Week 34 - Yoga For Kids That Love To Dance! ✨

    Included in this week’s episode, you’ll find:

    ✨A Yoga Adventure with Calypso the Flamingo that features a game of yoga musical statues at the end!
    ✨A musical Brain Break where we pull funny faces and warm up our speech muscles with song!
    ✨ The Washing Machine Song! Do the ‘Washing Machine’ (a c...

  • YOGA CLUB! Week 33 - Kids Yoga For A Rainy Day 🌂

    Bring the outside in with our fun selection of yoga videos that will keep everyone entertained and burning off that extra energy! Included in this week’s episode, you’ll find:

    🌂 A Yoga Adventure with Babs the beaver that teaches us all about community and working hard!
    🌂 A four-minute Brain Bre...

  • YOGA CLUB! Week 31 - Yoga in Costume! 👑🎩⛑

    Add a touch of sparkle to your day with a special Yoga Club featuring every colour of the rainbow! Featured in this week’s Yoga Club you’ll find:

    ✨ A Yoga Adventure with Coco the Butterfly that teaches us to embrace change!
    ✨ A Brain Break where each colour of the rainbow gives us a new level...

  • YOGA CLUB! Week 31 - Yoga To Make You Smile 😁

    Featuring some of our favourite and most popular videos, this Yoga Club is sure to get everyone up on their feet and having an awesome time!

    😁 A Yoga Adventure with Kickapoo the Kangaroo
    😁 A spooky Super Yoga that’s five minutes of high energy fun
    😁 Sing and dance along with Jaime in one of o...

  • YOGA CLUB! Week 30 - Yoga For Spring & Easter 💐🐰

    Featured in this week’s Yoga Club you’ll find:

    🌻 A Yoga Adventure with Peter Cottontail that teaches us all about sharing
    🌻A four minute Brain Break called ‘Hello Sun’ to stretch and strengthen all the major muscle groups
    🌻A dive into the sea in a Yoga Pose Universe about Shark Pose
    🌻A guided ...

  • YOGA CLUB! Week 29 - Kids Yoga To Help Anxiety 🌈

    Yoga and mindfulness are great for anxiety so we’ve made a collection of calming and confidence boosting videos to help little ones switch off their minds and stretch out with some stories.

    Featured in this week’s Yoga Club you’ll find:

    🌈 A Yoga Adventure with Enzo The Bee
    🌈 A Zen Den that te...

  • YOGA CLUB! Week 28 - Yoga To Do With A Friend! 💛

    Whether it’s a family member, a classmate or friend, watch this week’s Yoga Club at the same time (wherever you are!) and enjoy some stretches and adventures together. You could do it on video call, phone call or just perfectly timed so you know you’re both doing it all at the same time!


  • YOGA CLUB! Week 27 - Valentine's Day 💘

    Featured in this week’s Yoga Club you’ll find:

    💘 A Yoga Adventure about a bee called Enzo
    💘 A Zen Den with an adorable puppy called Mini
    💘 A lesson in Flamingo Pose
    💘 A lesson in Butterfly Pose
    💘 A 10-minute guided relaxation all about loving kindness. We imagine our loving thoughts as ripples ...

  • YOGA CLUB! Week 26 - Kids Yoga About Boats! ⛵

    Set sail across the sea with Cosmic Kids in our brilliant boat themed Yoga Club!

    From a Yoga Adventure with Popcorn the dolphin, to a guided relaxation about a rainfall waterfall, boat obsessed kids will love our latest episode!

    Featured in this week’s Yoga Club you’ll find:

    ⚓ A Yoga Adventu...

  • YOGA CLUB! Week 25 - Kids Yoga About Fierce Females! ⚡

    Get inspired with a Yoga Club that encourages us to love ourselves wholeheartedly with the help of some amazing yoga stories and poses!

    Included in this week’s episode, you’ll find:

    ⚡ A welcome message replying to your amazing emails
    ⚡ A Yoga Adventure inspired by Disney’s Moana
    ⚡ A Zen Den...

  • YOGA CLUB! Week 24 - Yoga To Inspire! ⭐

    In this week's career themed Yoga Club episode, you'll find:

    ✨ A Yoga Adventure with Arnold the Ant
    ✨ A Zen Den that teaches us to say ‘oh yes I can!’
    ✨ A tutorial in Telephone Pose
    ✨ A guided meditation about climbing a ladder of confidence in our minds and remembering things we're proud ...

  • YOGA CLUB! Week 23 - Yoga All About Rockets! 🚀

    This week’s supersonic Yoga Club will take us to infinity and beyond as we shoot into the sky like rockets! Before we lift off, let’s find out what’s headed our way:

    🚀 A Yoga Adventure with Mike the Cosmic Space Monkey
    🚀 A super stretch with the help of a Yogatime Space Picnic
    🚀 A Yoga Pose Un...

  • YOGA CLUB! Week 22 - Celebrating Our Differences! 🌎

    Everyone brings something special to the world and this week’s Yoga Club is about appreciating how awesome we all are in our own ways! Whether it’s the little or big things that make us different, let’s celebrate every part of our uniqueness and have a good stretch too!

    Coming up in this week’s...

  • YOGA CLUB! Week 21 - Safari Adventure! 🦁

    Bring the excitement of a safari into your home or classroom with our Sarafi Adventure Yoga Club! Grab a mat and keep your eyes peeled as we’re about to make friends with some exotic, beautiful and amazing animals!

    Here’s what’s coming up in our super safari adventure:

    🦁 A Yoga Adventure with ...

  • YOGA CLUB! Week 20 - Happy Holidays Ho Ho Ho! 🎄

    Happy Holidays! What a wonderful time of year it is - all the sparkles, tinsel and twinkly fairy lights really can put the biggest smile on your face! Have yourself a merry little Christmas and tuck into our Holidays Ho Ho Ho special where you’ll find:

    🎄 A special Yoga Adventure all about Chris...

  • YOGA CLUB! Week 19 - Under The Sea! 🐬

    Dive into a Yoga Club all about dolphins, starfish and whales as we take you under the sea for some serious fun!

    This week’s Yoga Club is bursting with underwater magic as we go on a Yoga Adventure with Popcorn the Dolphin and release a wave of energy in an ocean party Super Yoga! Once we’re do...

  • YOGA CLUB! Week 18 - Jedis and Astronauts! 🚀

    This week’s Yoga Club will get you skyrocketing with excitement as we soar into a Star Wars yoga adventure, stretch out in star pose and unwind our minds with a Peace Out all about space breathing.

    We love hearing what you're enjoying and what you'd like to do on Yoga Club, so get in touch with...

  • YOGA CLUB! Week 17 - Pet Obsessed! 🐶

    Whether you’re a cat, dog, bunny or mouse lover, this week’s Yoga Club will get you moving around like your favourite pets! From a Yoga Adventure with the ever so adorable Parsnip the cat, to learning some new moves like dog and mouse pose - this week’s Club is purr-fect for pet lovers!

    We love...

  • YOGA CLUB! Week 16 - Yoga To Calm Your Mind 🌈

    We all need a moment to calm our minds sometimes, and this week’s Yoga Club is the perfect place to do just that. We’ll start with a gorgeous Yoga Adventure with Twilight the unicorn where we’ll learn all about sleeping well and having lovely dreams! And then we’ll explore mindfulness with a Zen ...

  • YOGA CLUB! Week 15 - Dinosaurs and Dragons! 🦖

    Hello and welcome back to Yoga Club! This week I’m taking us back in time with an epic dinosaur and dragon episode!

    First we’ll meet Tiny the T-Rex - a young dinosaur who learns all about looking after his teeth, and then after lots more awesome stretching, we’ll calm our minds with the help of...

  • YOGA CLUB! Week 14 - Movie Night! 🍿🎬

    It’s week 14 of Yoga Club and this week we’re bringing the glitz and glamour of the movies to your home!

    From an amazing Trolls themed Yoga Adventure to a star-studded stretch in Dancer’s Pose, you’ll feel like you’ve walked down the red carpet yourself when this week’s Yoga Club has finished! ...

  • YOGA CLUB! 🎃 Week 13 - Spooky Halloween Yoga

    Welcome back to Yoga Club! Dust the cobwebs from your broomstick and get ready to fly away on a spooky Yoga Adventure with Ruby Broom... Once we’re back, we’ll be stretching out in spider pose and feeling all the Halloween vibes from our fingertips to our toes!

    To unwind from all the spooky fun...

  • YOGA CLUB! Week 12 - Yoga To Warm You Up!

    It really is starting to get chilly out there, isn’t it!? Let’s roll out our mats and warm up inside with a fun mix of yoga that features one of my favourite ever videos - it’s our Frozen Yoga Adventure!

    Once we’re all lovely and toasty, we’ll learn how breathing can help to calm our busy minds...

  • YOGA CLUB! Week 11 - Up In The Clouds!

    Welcome back to Yoga Club! This week we’re spreading our wings as we fly off to London on a Yoga Adventure with Nelson the pigeon! Once we’re back, we won’t be on the ground for long - we’ll be floating high into the clouds as we practise our hot air balloon and aeroplane poses! Let’s get flying....