The entire Cosmic Kids archive

The entire Cosmic Kids archive

Every yoga adventure, Zen Den, Peace Out, Namastory, Yoga Pose Universe, Brain Break and Yoga Disco - all in one place!

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The entire Cosmic Kids archive
  • Cinderella | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

    A fairytale yoga adventure based on the magical story, Cinderella! We are inspired by Cinderella’s spirit of hope and never giving up even in the most challenging times.

  • Super Yoga | Wild West!

    A 5 minute fast-paced yoga-based workout for kids. Get the wiggles out and build your knowledge of all the kids yoga poses - for home, the classroom and parties!
    * A fun challenge for memory, coordination and information processing.*

  • Rubí Broom 🎃 | ¡Una aventura de Cosmic Kids Yoga!

    ¡Una aventura de Cosmic Kids Yoga para niños en Halloween! 👻
    Una aventura de yoga para niños mayores de 5 años.
    En nuestro Especial de Halloween nos encontramos con Rubí Broom. Rubí es una bruja y los niños de la escuela le han estado tomando el pelo. En la noche de Halloween, se dan cuenta ...

  • Giraffes Can't Dance | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

    A yoga adventure inspired by Giraffe's Can't Dance - story about finding the right music for you to dance to!

  • How to deal with anxiety & feel better! 😊

    I hope this video helps any kids (and grown-ups) who may be feeling worried or even fearful at the moment. We need mental strength right now - more than ever. Sending lots of love J xxx

  • Zen Den | How to Make Good Choices!

    Jaime introduces us to the traffic light technique for making good choices. Stop - Breathe - Choose!

  • Sleeping Beauty | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure 🌹😴 💖

    Enjoy our kids yoga version of the classic fairytale of Sleeping Beauty! Lots of sparkles, magic and yoga poses to keep you moving whilst having fun! 💖

  • Zen Den - Mindful Walking

    Mindful Walking | Cosmic Kids Zen Den - Mindfulness for kids
    Join Jaime on a special Zen Den field frip - a mindful walk in the beautiful countryside!
    Mindful walking is a way of noticing what's going on around you while you take a walk. Instead of racing to where you're going, you take your ti...

  • Zen Den | Inner Ninja

    Your Inner Ninja is your concentration, a super power which you can train. If you want to be able to do amazing things, your concentration will help. Jaime shows us how to train our Inner Ninja using our breathing.

  • Whale Pose | Yoga Pose Universe

    Whale Pose is great for bringing some calm to our day and also strengthens backs and legs.

  • Digging Pose | Yoga Pose Universe

    This pose is very good for stretching our shoulders, our chest and the backs of our legs. Can you do Digging Pose?

  • Fairy Floss | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure

    In this adventure we floss (a lot) we dance and stretch…plus we save the day! GO COSMIC KIDS!
    Get ready to raise the roof, put your hands in the air and feel a whole lot of joy! Woo hoo!

  • Yoga Pose Universe | Cat Cow Pose

    Wake up your body and lengthen your spine with this magic meowing and mooing yoga pose! Great to do each morning to energise your body!

  • Saturday Morning Yoga | Dodgson the dodo

  • Yoga Time! | On The Farm

  • Yoga Time! | Pirate Adventure

  • Yoga Time! | Space Picnic

    Easy, fun yoga designed specially for toddlers with songs, nursery rhymes and simple stories. Copy me, sing along and have fun!

    Yoga for little ones with Jaime. Gentle movement, fun and singing - in Space!
    In this video we pack a picnic and take a rocket into space! We land on the moon ready for...

  • Yoga Time! | Jungle Safari

    Yoga for little ones with Jaime - with a fun Jungle theme. Join Jaime for gentle movement and singing! We sing 'Walking through the Jungle' too.

  • Cosmic Kids Evening Compilation 1 (25 minutes)

    Brain Break | Deep Sea Core
    Yoga Pose Universe | Aeroplane Pose
    Yoga Pose Universe | Archer Pose
    Yoga Pose Universe | Bear Walks
    Zen Den | Bye Bye Boat
    Peace Out | Balloon

  • Cosmic Kids Evening Compilation (23 mins)

    Brain Break | Jedi Strength and Focus
    Yoga Pose Universe | Crescent Moon
    Yoga Pose Universe | Dancer Pose
    Yoga Pose Universe | Crow Pose
    Zen Den | Hidden Treasure
    Peace Out | Cloud Story

  • Cosmic Kids Evening Compilation 3 (26 minutes)

    Jaime's Brain Break - Hello Sun Fun
    YPU Butterfly Wings
    YPU - Camel Pose
    YPU - Crab Pose
    Zen Den - Getting Wanty
    Peace Out - climbing Up

  • Cosmic Kids Evening Compilation 2 (23 mins)

    Jaime's Brain Break | Focus Potion
    Yoga Pose Universe | Bicycle Pose
    Yoga Pose Universe | Boat Pose
    Yoga Pose Universe | Bowl Pose
    Zen Den | Candle of Concentration
    Peace Out | Butterfly

  • Dinosaur Pose | Yoga Pose Universe

  • Saturday Morning Yoga | Trolls