Newest 10 videos! ✨

Newest 10 videos! ✨

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Newest 10 videos! ✨
  • YOGA CLUB! (Week 51) Tokyo 2020 Olympics! 🥇

    Let the Games begin as we celebrate human endeavour, strength and determination with the start of the Tokyo Olympics!

    Included in this week’s Olympics special, you’ll find:

    🥇 A Yoga Adventure with Frank the frog that's all about supporting your friends!
    🥇A Zen Den that teaches us what nerves...

  • Yoga With Goats! 3 Billy Goats Gruff 🐐 | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure

    Come on down to the farm with Jaime and enjoy the Three Billy Goats Gruff yoga adventure with real life goats… Who were super keen to join in!

    Our thanks go to the wonderful Elysian Animal Assisted Therapy and Learning Farm where we had the pleasure of making this video and to all the goats who...

  • YOGA CLUB! Party Time! 50th Episode Special 🎈

    Thank you guys so much for joining us on the Yoga Club journey! How amazing that we're on our 50th episode!

    Get ready to dance, laugh, sing and maybe even wear some fun costumes! Let’s find any reason to celebrate and have a party! Included in this week's party special, you'll find:

    🎈 A yoga ...

  • YOGA CLUB! Week 49 - Superhero Kids Yoga 💥

    We're all heroes in this week's inspiring and uplifting Yoga Club! We use our epic yoga and mindfulness powers to become our best selves!

    Included in this week’s superhero special, you’ll find:

    💥 A Yoga Adventure where Safeguard the Soap helps us all become Soaperheroes by teaching us how to w...

  • YOGA CLUB! Week 48 - Kids Yoga For Independence Day 🇺🇸

    Let’s discover what being independent means and how we can exercise our skills to make ours and our grown-ups' lives easier!

    Included in this week’s 4th of July episode you’ll find:

    🇺🇸 A Yoga Adventure with Nelson the Pigeon where we follow him on his journey as he goes to London!
    🇺🇸 A lovely ...

  • Nurse Squirrel 🐿 | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure (app exclusive)

    A Yoga Adventure that celebrates doctors and nurses everywhere - including the woodland where Nurse Squirrel has been busy running the animal hospital! 🐿 🏥 🌳

    In this app exclusive yoga adventure, we help Nurse Squirrel for the day and learn through our yoga that we should treat others as we wish...

  • YOGA CLUB! Week 47 - Kids Yoga For Confidence ✨

    Yoga is wonderful for both our bodies and our minds, and we bet you’ll feel ready to take on the world after this week’s episode! Coming up you’ll find:

    ✨ A Yoga Adventure with Stella the stick insect that's all about being completely YOU!
    ✨ A Brain Break where we channel our inner Jedi and use...

  • The Body Scan Meditation | Zen Den

    A weekly 15-minute meditation which works for both kids and grown-ups! Benefits: improved self awareness, deep relaxation and better focus 😌☀️

    One of the foundations of mental health is awareness. That’s why the body scan exercise is such a powerful tool. As far as ‘meditation’ practices go, th...

  • YOGA CLUB! Week 46 - International Yoga Day 🌈

    Our yoga lifts us, inspires us and makes us ever stronger, so we unite this International Yoga Day with some of our favourites!

    Included in this week's episode you'll find:

    00:00 - A message replying to your wonderful emails!
    05:47 - A Yoga Adventure with Moana!
    36:40 - A Zen Den where we lea...

  • YOGA CLUB! Week 45 - Father’s Day ⭐

    For all the Dads out there, we honour you with a yoga club you can enjoy too - especially on 20th June!