Designed for extended play, these videos are compilations of our videos. Including yoga adventures, Zen Dens, Peace Out, Yoga Pose Universe, Music, Superhero Kids Yoga in Space - often introduced and linked by Jaime. Have fun!

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  • Toys, Trucks and Robot Yoga for Kids! (52 mins)

    We learn to work as a team to listen to our bodies and to learn how to identify materials made from metal! Plus we enjoy a relaxing guided meditation to finish.

    0:00 Diggory the Dumptruck | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure - We join the toys including our very favourite Diggory the Dumptruck in an...

  • Power Yoga for Kids! Volume 2! (15 mins)

    In this 15 minute long selection of yoga videos we focus on core strength as well as some high energy game play in Super Yoga plus a spin in the Yoga Disco!

    0:00 Washing Machine Song | Cosmic Kids Yoga Disco - We spin, tumble dry and salsa through this epic track - designed specially to ge...

  • Power Yoga for Kids! Volume 1! (40 mins)

    40 minutes of movement, dance and play to burn energy {nd get the heart pumping Go for it!

    0:00 Super Yoga! | Ocean Party - Let's play! See if you can copy the moves as the pose pictures fall into the bubble-o-meter. Let's see how many points we can collect - at the end when we relax, we get...

  • Kids Workout Yoga (40 mins)

    We build up a sweat increase our heart rate and get a great workout 泡ith some high energy kids yoga and an empowering guided meditation to finish!

    Not just for kids either - grownups - this will have your heart pumping too! Bust out the leg warmers and feel the burn! You can do it! 元元


  • Fun Yoga for Tweens (55 mins)

    Move, stretch and refresh your body & mind with some fun yoga, based on Minecraft, Pok矇mon and a classic Cosmic Kids Yoga story - Mike the Cosmic Space Monkey!

    0:00 Minecraft Yoga - This is the yoga version of surviving your first 24 hours in Minecraft

    20:06 Pok矇mon Yoga - Gotta catch em ...

  • Kids Yoga at Bedtime (43 minutes)

    Two yoga adventures designed to soothe and help kids wind down, followed by a very relaxing guided meditation, perfect to help kids aged 4+ to sleep well.

    0:00 Tommy the Bedtime Turtle | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure - We meet Tommy the Bedtime Turtle in Hawaii where he shows us all the tricks ...

  • Fun kids yoga and a guided meditation (all DRAGON-themed!) (23 mins)

  • Quick Yoga Breaks for Kids (24 mins)

    0:00 Arnold the Ant | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure - a short yoga story about an ant who suddenly and fantastically finds his dreams come true. This one warms the heart and soul!

    9:40 Jaime's Brain Breaks | Focus Potion - we move our bodies to create a magic potion specially designed to help u...

  • Seated Movement and Mindfulness for Kids (21 mins)

    0:00 Jaime's Brain Breaks | Sit and Stretch - A chair-based yoga and breathing sequence ending with an inspiring visualisation!

    6:21 The Listening Game | Cosmic Kids Zen Den - Let's play a game about listening! How well can you listen to the sounds of the bells? REALLY listen! If you listen r...

  • 54 mins of kids yoga poses!

    From Aeroplane Pose to Washing Machine Pose, join Jaime for some fun with kids yoga postures!

  • Jaime's Yoga Mix | Outside in the Woods! | Yoga and Mindfulness for kids

    Jaime goes to the woods and visits The Fairy Way - and introduces a trio of forest-related Cosmic Kids yoga and relaxation videos.

    1. Tree Pose - Join Jaime for another kids yoga pose. This one's a real favourite - Tree Pose! Tree Pose is great for stretching our sides and practising our balan...

  • Jaime's Yoga Mix | Star Wars

    Jaime went to the Star Wars Experience in London to present a series of yoga adventures and activities based on Star Wars:
    Jaimes Brain Breaks | Jedi Strength and Focus
    Star Wars Episode 4 | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure
    The Force Awakens | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure

  • Jaime's Yoga Mix | At Sealife

    Jaime goes to the Sea life London Aquarium - to meet the sharks, starfish and seahorses - and introduces a sea-related compilation of Cosmic Kids yoga and relaxation videos.

  • Jaime's Yoga Mix | London!

    Jaime spends the day in London and shares her favourite yoga adventures which relate to that amazing cify! Join Jaime for Pigeon Pose, Nelson the Pigeon Yoga Adventure and Spartz -24 Robodog Yoga Adventure!

  • Jaime's Yoga Mix | Christmas

    Join me by the Christmas tree for some Christmas chat and 3 fun yoga and mindfulness videos - The Robin King, Joybob the Polar Bear and the Cosmic Kids Christmas Special

  • Jaime's Yoga Mix | Halloween Edition!

    Jaime introduces a healthy mix of THREE Cosmic Kids videos - a yoga and mindfulness medley with a special Halloween theme!
    She also makes a jack o lantern and shows us what Mini and Spence the dogs are wearing for Trick or Treat!
    1. Spider Pose (Yoga Pose Universe) Try this tricky yoga pose! BR...

  • Kids Yoga PARTY MIX 戊

    Enjoy this brilliant selection of yoga adventures which all feature PARTIES! We celebrate in all kinds of styles and with lots of different friends and have a really good dance in the yoga disco not once, but TWICE! How good is that!

    0:00 Mimi the Mermaid | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!
    22:20 W...

  • Star Wars Yoga and Mindfulness for Kids

    A trio of Star Wars themed yoga and mindfulness videos for kids in this 52 minute compilation!
    If you love Star Wars, would like to stretch and sharpen your Jedi skills - this is the video for YOU!

    0:00 Star Wars Episode 4 A New Hope | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure - We take the original Star War...