Evening calm - compilations (25 mins)

Evening calm - compilations (25 mins)

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Evening calm - compilations (25 mins)
  • Chill Out Kids Yoga Club (Week 94) 🧘 I Cosmic Kids Yoga Club

    Relax, chill out and find a moment of calm with this Yoga Club.

    In this week's yoga club we have;

    🙏 A yoga adventure about Arnold the Ant having big dreams!
    🙏 A guided breathing exercise called FOFBOCNOF!
    🙏 A Zen Den to help calm a busy
    🙏 A lesson in Hot Air Balloon pose
    🙏 A guided breathing ...

  • 2 Kids Meditations for Better Sleep 😴

    All Peace Out Guided relaxations and meditations have been helping kids (and parents) improve sleep routines and build healthy sleep patterns. Give them a go with your kids and see if they help. 😊 These two are especially good for bedtime!

  • Kids Yoga at Bedtime (43 minutes)

    Two yoga adventures designed to soothe and help kids wind down, followed by a very relaxing guided meditation, perfect to help kids aged 4+ to sleep well.

    0:00 Tommy the Bedtime Turtle | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure - We meet Tommy the Bedtime Turtle in Hawaii where he shows us all the tricks ...

  • Cosmic Kids Evening Compilation 1 (25 minutes)

    Brain Break | Deep Sea Core
    Yoga Pose Universe | Aeroplane Pose
    Yoga Pose Universe | Archer Pose
    Yoga Pose Universe | Bear Walks
    Zen Den | Bye Bye Boat
    Peace Out | Balloon

  • Cosmic Kids Evening Compilation 2 (23 mins)

    Jaime's Brain Break | Focus Potion
    Yoga Pose Universe | Bicycle Pose
    Yoga Pose Universe | Boat Pose
    Yoga Pose Universe | Bowl Pose
    Zen Den | Candle of Concentration
    Peace Out | Butterfly

  • Cosmic Kids Evening Compilation 3 (26 minutes)

    Jaime's Brain Break - Hello Sun Fun
    YPU Butterfly Wings
    YPU - Camel Pose
    YPU - Crab Pose
    Zen Den - Getting Wanty
    Peace Out - climbing Up

  • Cosmic Kids Evening Compilation (23 mins)

    Brain Break | Jedi Strength and Focus
    Yoga Pose Universe | Crescent Moon
    Yoga Pose Universe | Dancer Pose
    Yoga Pose Universe | Crow Pose
    Zen Den | Hidden Treasure
    Peace Out | Cloud Story

  • Kids Meditations for Confidence 💪😎

    Here are 3 meditations for kids that are specially designed to boost confidence. They will motivate a positive can-do attitude and give kids (and grownups too) a sense of self-belief! Go get 'em tiger! 🐯