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  • Yoga Time!

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    Our yoga series dedication to little ones. With a steadier pace, some gentle singing and simpler stories, this is Cosmic Kids yoga for the toddler in your life!

  • My Little Pony | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

    Join Jaime for a SPECIAL yoga adventure as we meet the Earth Ponies, Pegasi and Unicorns from My Little Pony: A New Generation! Everyone has a sparkle inside - including you. Each of us is different and this is what makes the world - and Equestria - a wonderful place. As we do yoga together, we ...


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    We've joined forces with Papumba, a play-based educational platform for kids aged 2–7 to create this series. In each episode Jaime teams up with animated friends Leo, Emma and David in a different environment, from the jungle to the sea. Together they meet different animals, bringing their charac...

  • The Body Scan Meditation | Zen Den

    A weekly 15-minute meditation which works for both kids and grown-ups! Benefits: improved self awareness, deep relaxation and better focus 😌☀️

    One of the foundations of mental health is awareness. That’s why the body scan exercise is such a powerful tool. As far as ‘meditation’ practices go, th...

  • Jaime's Originals

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    Our many yoga adventures exclusively from Jaime's imagination - and not inspired by movies, stories or games. Pure homegrown.

  • Superhero Kids Yoga in Space! (App Exclusive)

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    Superhero Kids Yoga in Space unpacks the special skills that superheroes have and helps kids learn how to use them in their own lives. Superheroes aren't all about the CRASH BANG KAPOW! There's also lots for kids to learn from them about character, mindfulness and capability. Hulk shows us the im...

  • How To Make A Magic Worry Box

    To make a Magic Worry Box you need:
    An empty tissue box - decorate it, wrap it in some nice paper, add stickers or sequins! You could make it look like a monster by adding googly eyes, teeth & pom poms - then it’s like the monster eats your worries when you put them inside! Make sure it has a hol...

  • Super Mario | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure! 🍄🍄

    A yoga adventure inspired by the video game Super Mario - yoga poses and relaxations exploring the platforms, levels and scenes of Marioland. Jaime lands a lovely moral at the end - that making mistakes is a helpful thing for us all. In fact it's one of the best ways to learn.

  • Sonic The Hedgehog | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

    Join Jaime for a SPECIAL yoga adventure inspired by the Sonic the Hedgehog movie! Step into Sonic’s sneakers and find out how it feels to be the coolest hedgehog in the universe, and learn how important it is for us all to balance our super sonic energy levels with plenty of peace, rest and calm....

  • What is MINDFULNESS and how do you do it? | Cosmic Kids Zen Den

    A new Zen Den with Jaime from Cosmic Kids. Jaime explains what MINDFULNESS is and how she does it. Why not try it in your own time, whenever you're ready?


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    Our Mindfulness series - for kids aged 5+
    Jaime presents fun conversations to help us understand our feelings and develop positive thinking strategies.


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    The heart of Cosmic Kids - story-based movement! Every yoga adventure we've ever made - and every new episode as we make it.


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    Peace Out is a series of guided relaxations, written and voiced by Jaime, introducing mindfulness to kids aged 5+


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    Videos and MP3s of Cosmic Kids music!

  • Celebrate diversity + promote inclusivity

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    All of our videos are about helping kids learn about themselves and each other. We want to teach kids to be kind, to have empathy and to celebrate how they are unique, brilliant and beautiful being exactly who they are. Here’s a playlist of our yoga adventures, Zen Dens and Peace Outs which will ...

  • NAMASTORIES (Cosmic Kids Fables)

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    Namastories are fables from Cosmic Kids.
    Fun stories in verse with a gentle moral.
    These are Cosmic Kids stories in RHYME with a gentle moral, brought to life by Jaime and beautiful hand-drawn illustrations.
    Designed to build vocabulary, introduce rhyme and help kids connect with stories in ...


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    Join Jaime and friends and have fun trying out new yoga poses and finding out what they do for you. From Dragonfly to Tree Pose and Bear Walks to Aeroplane Pose!


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    Some fun news! We often see little sisters and brothers joining in as their older siblings do their Cosmic Kids Yoga so we’ve decided to make something specially for them!
    YOGA TIME is a new series - Cosmic Kids specially for pre-schoolers

    I’ve got my fingers crossed your little ones are goin...

  • JAIME'S BRAIN BREAKS (5 minute yoga)

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    A quick yoga workout for kids to get the wiggles out and build your knowledge of all the kids yoga poses - for home, the classroom and parties!

  • VIDEOS EN ESPAÑOL / Videos in Spanish

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    Un pequeño número de videos hasta ahora, pero haremos más!